Ray® - the handy mobility aid!

Ray is a small, extremely sensitive electronic mobility aid emitting acoustic and / or tactile signals. It has been designed to complement the ordinary long cane. Its ultrasonic emission can be compared to the cone of light of a torch and will help you to recognize obstacles much faster and get a more detailed knowledge of your environment:
Ray is a small and handy lightweight (60 g). It works with 2 long-lasting AAA batteries and fits in every pocket. Barriers up to a distance of 2,85 m will be recognized and announced to the user via acoustic signals or vibrations (the user can choose between this two modes.).
A special 'Escape' mode enables the user to locate small gaps such as door entrances or passageways through a crowd of people (again the user can choose between acoustic or tactile feedback) Ray does also include a light probe function with either acoustic or tactile announcement. This way Ray will bring things to light which are inaccessible for the ordinary white cane. Ray will soon become a valuable companion! Ray is extremely easy to use and will only need a short training period. However, we do recommend a mobility training to become acquainted with the device.

Technical Details


Ray, lanyard, 2 x 1,5 V AAA batteries, printed manual


USER MANUAL:  click here