Bathroom Scale HappyDay

This scales impresses with it´s clear design, the extraordinary product safety and it´s easy to use. The platform consists of special safety glass, which is varnished anthracite on the rear side and laminated with an non-slip-coating on the surface so that even wet feet will have a secure grip.

The energy saving electronics and the auto power off help to keep the power consumption low. Four rubber feet ensure an excellent traction, thans to the low height of only 34 mm the bathroom scales is very tilt resistance. The big display (40mm) with the strong contrast also appropriate for visually impaired users.

The volume can be set easily, as the repetition of the results! Additionaly the change of weight compared with the prior weight is announced too! ('Weight watching' for up to 5 different users)

English version measures either in kilogramm, pounds or pounds and stones, others just in kilogramm. Available in many languages!


Technical Details



Bathroom Scale Happy Day, 4 batteries 1.5 V AAA,user manual, 2 years warranty

User manual: click here