Wooffy T. - Tactile battery tester

Let Wooffy, the smart tracker dog made by CareTec, help you identify the charge state of your batteries. Wooffy T. indicates the current battery state of charge with acoustic and also tactile signals.

You can test all conventional 1,5V and 9V batteries. Wooffy is easy to operate, you don't even have to bother about the negative or positive pole of the battery. Just put the battery on the corresponding contacts and you will get the result of the measurement immediately.

It is extremly slim and will comfortably fit in every pocket of every shirt or trouser.

You can choose between Wooffy which operates via acoustic signals and Wooffy T. which also operates tactile (vibrations).

Technical Details


Wooffy T. Batterytester (incl. batteries), printed manual


USER MANUAL:  click here